How Our Emotions Are Created

Published: 07th April 2007
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One thing I learned from watching "What the Bleep" is how our thoughts control our emotions. It's really fascinating AND once you get it, then you will be better able to control your thoughts and create new pathways for positive thought processes. Hopefully I can explain this in an easy to understand manner.

First, let's look at our thoughts.

When we first have a thought that is new to us, there is a brief connection of tendrils in our brains which pass electrical charges. This electrical energy is our thought. Now, as we have that thought over and over, the connection finally becomes permanent and offers the thought a pathway of least resistance.

Ok, so our thoughts are essentially nothing but energy being transmitted in our brains. Got it? Good.

So, what happens after we have the thought? Well, it triggers a gland at the base of our brains called the hypothalamus. This gland then manufactures enzymes to match the thought we were having. These enzymes, also known as peptides, are distributed throughout our bodies via our bloodstream. As they traverse the body they attach themselves to the cells of the body, sometimes even effecting a change in chemical structure of the cell. What happens next is that this generates the emotional response we experience from that thought.

But why do people continue to experience the same emotional response to certain stimuli? Well, it's because that individual has become addicted to the chemical reaction caused by the thought pattern.

So now, when we can realize and believe this, it makes it so much easier to change our emotional responses. For instance, you keep thinking to yourself that you'll never succeed, and that causes you to be depressed. Ok, how do we fix this? Easy now that you know it's all just an electrical and chemical process. First, you must recognize the negative thought pattern as soon as it appears. Next change it to a positive thought pattern. You can do this by mentally creating an affirmation to counter the negative thought. At first it will be a challenge because the pathway for the old thought pattern is still connected. Also, you will be getting a different chemical reaction in your body causing you to have a totally different emotional response.

You will then become addicted to this new chemical reaction in your body, and as such, a permanent pathway will be created in your brain for that thought process, making it easier and easier to have that thought.

Now that you have an idea of what is happening, it will be easier for you to change your thought patterns to ones which you truly wish to experience. Here's how to go about that:

1. Learn to recognize when the feeling and thought patterns occur.

2. Step back and ask yourself, is this the response I want to experience?

3. Objectively look at the situation, with no feelings attached to

it, AND THEN determine the outcome you desire.

4. Now state that new desire first as a thought pattern then as an

emotional response.

I do hope I've explained this well enough so that it is easily understandable.

After much reading and studying of the Law of Attraction and the Laws of the Harvest, as well as Quantum theories, and biblical and religious references, Gary has become an author and Abundance Coach. In so doing, he has helped many people to advance towards the life of their dreams with a greater realization of themselves and the control they have over their own lives.

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